not necessarily questions anyone's asked frequently (or at all) but whatever

Q: you music?!??!?!

A: huge fan of yoeko you may have seen me talking about her a bit but idk hehehehe

some other musics i like include........

Q: what you use to make music

A: i usually use ultrabox, bandlab, and openutau; i've also used modbox, pandorasbox, garageband, minecraft note block studio, and utau

Q: what programs/sites do you use for art

A: usually ibispaint (+ ezgif for gifs). on occasion, i also use ms paint (+ lunapic for transparency), aseprite, and tux paint.

i also sometimes make art in games like manyland and roblox

Q: what are your favorite video game

A: ive been a lifelong fan of sonic, pokemon, and klonoa. i've also been playing neopets, toontown, and roblox for a long time. some other games i like include katamari, saints row, castle crashers, warioware, and battleblock theater. my biggest biggest biggest interest ever when it comes to video games is rhythm games

sample of rhythm game franchises/titles i like:

Q: what you play video game on

A: mostly pc, but i also own a nintendo switch with really horrible joycon drift. i own a 2ds and two dsi xls; the 2ds and one dsi run cfw and i will never shut up about how much i love homebrewed devices. i used to play cookie run: ovenbreak and unison league but i deleted all of my mobile games for space. growing up i had a ps2, gameboy advance, wii, ds lite, and dsi xl (yes the same one with cfw)