Guide to Pizzatown

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this intro is written under the assumption that you, the reader, have not ever used cytube. if you've used cytube before, you can skip to the next section (or just stop reading this guide). otherwise, i'd suggest you keep reading!

cytube is a site where you can watch videos or listen to music with other people online. and the best part? you don't even need an account! there are different channels (public/private rooms) you can enter, generally with a specific theme or community in mind. you can even chat or participate in channel-wide polls in cytube!

the channel i run is called PIZZATOWN, and while it's generally used for movie nights with friends, anyone is free to join, hang out, or just watch whatever we're watching. while it IS open 24/7, there may not be anything queued when/if you join. this may change in the future if i decide to add a default queue.

you can generally count on cytube to keep all users' videos synced, but if you find that you're not at the same point in the video as everyone else, click the refresh button under the video player. if this doesn't work, try refreshing the page instead. you cannot pause the video unless you are marked as "leader" in the channel. if we are in PIZZATOWN watching something and you need me to pause the video, just ask and i'll do it.

Joining the Channel

most of the time, PIZZATOWN will NOT show up in the public channel list because it is marked as private. if you would like to pop in, you must either use a direct link or the "enter channel" box on cytube's main page (type in pizzatown).

after doing so, you should be in the channel! when prompted to accept our channel's code, CLICK ALLOW. this will make the page display as intended. be aware that while PIZZATOWN is mobile-friendly, it is best experienced on a larger-screened device like a pc or a tablet. the following section is written from the perspective of a pc user, so descriptions of each element's position on the screen may be inaccurate to other devices.

PIZZATOWN is set up like most other channels, having 3 main sections:

using the topbar

the topbar is where you'll find most of the technical things like options and account management. if you find it absolutely necessary, you can disable channel css and/or javascript under "options". other things you can do include disabling sync (not recommended), hiding the video player buttons, and managing various chat/emote-related options. change your chat preferences in the options if you find the default notification settings annoying.

of course, there are many other things you can do using the buttons in the topbar, but they may not be important to the average user (let alone viewable if you're not logged in and/or if you aren't a moderator). if you're trying to change a setting but you're struggling to find it, don't be afraid to ask another user for help! if i'm available in chat, i may know where to find what you need.

using the chatbox

chatting in cytube is mostly self-explanatory, but there are some features that may need explanation.

if you wish to search the list of PIZZATOWN's emotes, click the button below the chatbox. large emotes have "/e" in their names, while smaller, text-sized emotes have ":" around their names.

you cannot paste images into chat, even if you have a direct link. if you want me to add an emote, let me know.

sometimes, there will be a poll below the chatbox which you can vote in! it will generally relate to what we're watching, but can also be entirely random. voting is anonymous and entirely optional, so if you'd rather not participate, that's entirely fine.

using the player

coming soon; ignore the meow pic below i'll remove it later

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